Anyone who knows Ally will know that she has 3 things which are very precious to her. She is hardly without her fish and 2 penguins. Well, fishy isn’t actually a fish anymore but that’s another story. The penguins in question are these

Ally's beloved Mr P

I bought one for her when she was born, she took to it instantly and it became her best friend. When the North American Bear Company stopped making these penguins, I instantly panicked and quickly ordered a few backups from the States.

Ally is by no means a selfish child but those penguins are sacred and hardly shared. In fact, only a few people are allowed to hold them. But I digress. Last night, Max was having a hard time getting to sleep. He kept crying and poor Ally, whose bed is just adjacent to his crib, couldn’t get to sleep. Finally she whispers to me ” Mama, I’ll lend Pork my penguin, maybe he can sleep”  How sweet is that? I reassured her that he’ll be fine and she should keep Mr P for herself. But she insisted that he should take one. When I asked her why, she simply said ” Because he is my brother”  Awwwww……


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