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Anyone who knows Ally will know that she has 3 things which are very precious to her. She is hardly without her fish and 2 penguins. Well, fishy isn’t actually a fish anymore but that’s another story. The penguins in question are these

Ally's beloved Mr P

I bought one for her when she was born, she took to it instantly and it became her best friend. When the North American Bear Company stopped making these penguins, I instantly panicked and quickly ordered a few backups from the States.

Ally is by no means a selfish child but those penguins are sacred and hardly shared. In fact, only a few people are allowed to hold them. But I digress. Last night, Max was having a hard time getting to sleep. He kept crying and poor Ally, whose bed is just adjacent to his crib, couldn’t get to sleep. Finally she whispers to me ” Mama, I’ll lend Pork my penguin, maybe he can sleep”  How sweet is that? I reassured her that he’ll be fine and she should keep Mr P for herself. But she insisted that he should take one. When I asked her why, she simply said ” Because he is my brother”  Awwwww……

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Sleep Training for the Pork Chop

You read or hear other parents talk about how their babies slept through the night from the time they were 2 months old. I never had those sort of children. Ally didn’t sleep through the night till at least 18 months.

With Max, he showed signs of being a good sleeper early on. Then he discovered how to stand up in his crib and all hell broke loose. He could no longer settle himself back to sleep when he woke up, simply because he didn’t know how to sit back down. Then teething started which caused more night wakings.

I decided that I’ve finally had enough with the frequent night wakings. There is a lot of material and research on sleep training, frankly I find the word training a little harsh, I like to think that I’m teaching him to self soothe so that he can fall asleep on his own.

Usually after his last feed, he’ll settle into his crib and fall asleep shortly. Last night it took me extra long to get him to bed. He kept standing up, crying and tossing his pacifier out of his crib. Finally after 10 minutes I decided to use his shortest pacifier clip and secure it to the sleeve of his shirt. Hey presto! He fell asleep soon after. Like clockwork, he woke up sometime after 1am like he usually does. Instead of going to his room, I left him for a few minutes before checking on him. Once I settled him down again, I left his room. He cried on and off for the next 5 minutes or so but finally settled himself back to sleep. Victory!

Ironically, this post has taken me such a long time to write due to interruptions by Mr Pork Chop himself. I really hope he learns to soothe himself to sleep soon.

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