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Why we love Sembawang

Whenever someone asks where we live, I love to see their expression when I reply, ” Sembawang” Straightaway you can see their faces scrunch up when they realise we live closer to Malaysia than anywhere else. I personally love Sembawang , I love the ulu-ness of the place, the large and mostly untouched greenery around.

We decided to gather up the troops and head to one of the large open fields to fly Ally’s kite.

Ally patiently waiting for dada

Neesha joined the fun as well

Ally's job was to hold the kite till dada told her to throw it up in the air

All set!

Unfortunately there wasn’t any wind this evening so the kite mostly stayed on the ground.

The kite that never flew

Ally abandoned the kite and hung out with Neesha instead

Another great thing about living in Sembawang? There are tons of parks to visit! We packed up the kite and decided to head to Bottle Tree Park to have a look around.

By the time we reached there, Max had fallen asleep in the car so I stayed with him and Neesha while Matt and Ally had a walk around Bottle Tree.

The Bottle Tree

Lots of people were prawn fishing

I didn’t manage to take many photos since I was limited to the front seat of the car. They have just opened a Japanese restaurant on the premises that we’ve yet to try.

Matt and Ally looking at the longkang fishes, beside them are the 2 boys who mistook the pond for their personal swimming pool

We picked up some dinner from our neighbourhood coffee shop and went home to stuff our faces silly. Yum!

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Trip to the dentist

Ally had a scheduled dental appointment this morning at The Kid’s Dentist. It was a mad rush trying to get there by 9.45am, we got stuck in every possible traffic jam.

Max looking bored

Ally looking just as bored

Luckily we weren’t too late, Ally has been to The Kid’s Dentist a couple of times and I really like the cheerful atmosphere of the whole clinic.

The waiting room with lots of toys

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures of her actual consultation since she was lying on my lap. Thank goodness Ally was really co-operative, she counted all her teeth, opened her mouth on command and was the model patient. She really likes Dr Rashid and the reason why I took her there in the first place is because he deals with a lot of cleft cases at KKH. Ally had a great report from the dentist, no cavities, nice clean but crooked teeth. I was surprise to learn that she is still short of 4 molars and is in the midst of teething. He doesn’t think she’ll have all her teeth by the time she’s 3 which is really late and I suspect Max will be the same.

Her next appointment will be in six months, this time round Max will be joining her for his first appointment. It will be interesting to see how he behaves at the dentist, hopefully having Ally there will help.

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