Stretched in all directions

Both kids have been very needy of late. Max has been hit by the teething bug and has been extremely clingy. Ally started being very clingy around the same time, she has to sit next to me, follow me around, basically be my shadow. It’s tiring and when I’m exhausted at the end of the day, I get irritated. It feels like I don’t even have a minute to myself, to gather my thoughts, to breathe. Each minute all I hear is “Mama, mama, why…..” “Mama, mama….what’s this…..”

Don’t get me wrong, its great to feel needed and wanted but at the same time its suffocating as well. I feel guilty leaving them with Matt when I have to go out for my driving lessons, it means that he has to deal with two whiny children.

Part of me wishes this phase would pass quickly, but another part of me knows that the children aren’t always going to want me to hang out with them or be around them. When they are teenagers, hanging out with their mom would be the last thing on their minds, I’m sure I’ll really miss their company then.


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