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The Playhouse

We decided to check out a new place with the children today so we headed over to Rochester Park to The Playhouse .

The play area was a little chaotic when we got there. A mother’s group had just arrived and there were tons of children running, screaming and crying. The whole area is informally divided into different sections, there is a corner for reading, a dress up box, a little corner for pretend play and a big wooden train set right in the middle. Parents are encouraged to leave the children to play and explore on their own, we hung around with Ally and Max since it was pretty busy.

Ally decided to wear her Mickey Mouse hat today

Max liked the little wooden trains

Ally found some fairy wings

and had great difficulty keeping them on

Ally the surgeon

The playhouse is not easily accessible if you don’t drive. Parking, however would be a problem during the weekend. There is a small driveway in front of the house and another car park further down the road. But I can imagine both places would fill up pretty quickly during the weekends. The outdoor water play area is under construction at the moment but I’m sure it will be a great addition to the place. We didn’t stay to try the food at the cafe. Overall I feel that the playhouse is a pleasant play area, I liked the set up but I think crowd control could be better. It would be a nice place to visit during the week but not a place one would go too often as the children would soon get bored of playing with the same toys.

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Sun, fun and Elephants

We’re back from Phuket! The weather was incredibly hot, all of us were perpetually drenched in sweat, especially the children.

We stayed at the Sheraton Laguna Phuket. The resort is looking a bit tired but overall it was a pleasant experience. Our room was big enough for all 5 of us. We had a King size bed, a double bed and a baby crib. The nice thing about Sheraton is that they provide cribs, sterilisers, bed guards and even child size robes.

They provided matching robes for the children, obviously forgetting that Max is just a baby

We had to wake the children up early since our flight was at 9am.

Ally wasn't too happy about the wake up call

Max was eager to get going

Ally's luggage which I secretly want for myself!

Thank goodness I brought along my Beco carrier, it is the perfect thing to contain squirmy babies.

Check-in baggage

We chose an early flight, simply because it coincided with Max’s nap time. Thank goodness he slept throughout the flight and was quite the little angel. Ally just kept asking question after question, luckily the other passengers thought she was cute.

The kids and grandma checking out our plane

It was really great having grandma along with us. The children enjoyed her company and we were grateful for another pair of helping hands.

A view of the lagoon that connects the 7 hotels

The Sheraton is one of 7 hotels in a compound. They are build around a lagoon and you can hop onto a boat for a tour. The lagoon is breathtaking, especially in the early morning just as the sun is rising.

The hotel has 2 elephants that pay a visit during breakfast. Ally was really excited about meeting them and she even had a chance to sit on one.

She's all ready with her banana to feed the elephant

Oops, she dropped the banana

I thought it was very brave of Ally to go right up and pat the elephant. She didn’t hesitate and was happily feeding it bananas.

What a brave girl!

We spent a lot of time in the swimming pool, the weather was just so hot but the pool provided little relief from the heat. The water was actually warm, that was how hot the sun was while we were there. It was like swimming in a heated pool, under the scorching sun.

One morning we decided to take a walk along the beach. The Andaman sea was gorgeous but very rough, definitely not safe to swim in especially during monsoon season.

Ally was wondering why the sand beneath her feet kept disappearing

Admiring the big waves

Max wasn't too sure about the sound of the crashing waves

Ally and I had a fun time jumping into the water just as the tide was coming in.

Trial jump #1

Now for the real thing…..


Ally really wanted to venture deeper into the sea, pity the tide was high and the currents were so rough. We didn’t dare to really let her out of arm’s reach just in case a big wave came.

The flight home was uneventful, we didn’t get dirty looks from any of the other passengers which is always a plus. I’m definitely looking forward to our next holiday.

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