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I Want Mama!

Now that Matt is home for a couple of months, I decided to get my act together and start my driving lessons. My lessons are usually at night, which means that Matt has the task of putting both children to bed. He is amazing with the children and I never have to worry if he’ll be able to get them to bed.

Last night I reached the driving centre and received an SMS from Matt asking me to phone home. Ally wanted to speak to me and the minute she heard my voice, she started sobbing. All I could make out between the tears was ” I want Mama to come home now, Mama, come home!”  It was terrible hearing her cry for me. I managed to calm her down but I kept thinking of her throughout my entire lesson.

I came home to two sleeping children, but Matt said she kept asking for me after we put down the phone. Grandma even offered to come over to keep her company but Ally wasn’t keen on the idea.  She woke up in the middle of the night crying for me so I went over to her bed and snuggled up with her. Poor Ally! But all was forgotten this morning and she’s her usual happy self. We’re off to Phuket tomorrow for a couple of days, I can’t wait!

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