Finally the Pork Chop eats

I’m not sure if I should jinx myself by saying this out loud but the Pork Chop is finally eating! Yes, eating! Not just one or two teaspoons, but an entire serving. He takes a small breakfast, usually some fruit or cereal. For lunch I give him a portion of whatever Ally is having that day, at least it saves me from cooking two separate meals. Dinner is usually porridge with some vegetables.

I’m definitely more relaxed with what he eats, as long as he shows an interest in our food, he usually gets a taste.We’re still continuing with baby led weaning but he’s a lot more receptive with being spoon fed now.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast

All finished!


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2 responses to “Finally the Pork Chop eats

  1. gina

    i just typed a long comment and it disappeared..maybe need your approval or wad…but in case it doesnt appear, I just wanted to say juen is eating some fish fillet in sweet sour spicy sauce and dry meesiam…i knoe itz funny but yes she is trying to feed her abit of nonsense everyday…

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