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Bye bye Balloon

We went to a carnival at the Polo club on Sunday. It was just Ally and myself, the boys had gone off  to Kindermusik. They were handing out helium balloons and Ally went down to get one. Halfway up the stairs she exclaims ” Oh no! I forgot one for my Pork Chop!” So off she goes to get another one for Max.

I tied Max’s balloon to my bag but she was adamant that she would hold onto hers. In less than 5 minutes, her balloon flew up and hit the ceiling of the clubhouse. It was too high for anyone to reach it. I thought she would get really upset but all she said was ” Hi balloon up so high.”  She then asked me to get the balloon down for her so that she could release it and watch it fly again. I explained that it was too high up, the balloon would just have to stay there. She turns to me and in a very matter of fact way says, ” well then we need a ladder to go get it right Mama?”

I never expected such a response for her, well I guess its logical isn’t it? If you can’t reach it, go get a ladder.

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