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I scream for ice cream

We spent most of Sunday afternoon at home, the kids were getting restless and on the verge of driving us crazy. So we decided to have an early dinner and head to West Coast Park.

Mama, I'm bored.....

Mama, can we go out please?

It was our first trip to West Coast Park and even with our GPS, we managed to get lost. Thankfully we weren’t too far away. As luck would have it, the heavens opened and it started to rain. Poor Ally had ten minutes at the playground before we had to usher her back to the car.

Along the way we decided to stop for ice cream at The Daily Scoop . They have yummy waffles and their lychee martini ice cream is my favourite.  Even though it was late we decided to let the kids have some ice cream.


Unlike most kids, Ally has never been a huge fan of ice cream. She never learned how to lick an ice cream till she was well over a year. Even though it was been a while since the cleft in her palate has been fixed, there are still times when we are reminded that she has to make so much more effort to learn simple things like licking an ice cream. Things that you or I do naturally which we don’t even think about.

Max is eyeing my lychee martini, he knows the good stuff

His maiden encounter with ice cream

Despite the rain it was a fun night for the kids, they got to hang out with grandma for a couple of hours and stuff their faces with ice cream. We’re making another trip back to West Coast park this evening, let’s hope the weather holds up!

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