Spare the rod

Ally received a spanking on her bum today. She has an extremely bad habit of requesting for food and then not wanting it at the last-minute. I decided that I’ve had enough, we’ve reasoned with her, explained why she shouldn’t waste food…etc And so, out came the cane, in this case it was a rolled up magazine.

I hate having to use the cane but sometimes it seems like that is the only effective way to get my message through. As she gets increasingly stubborn, I find myself threatening her more ” if you don’t get dressed, we’re leaving without you”

I’ve never been known for my patience and I admit, I am pretty strict with her. I respect her feelings and opinions, I try to give her ample time and warning when we have to leave and I always explain to her what our schedule will be for the day.

When the children are tucked into their beds and the house is quiet, I reflect on the day’s happenings and many a time find myself guilty of being too impatient with the children. When Ally says to me ” I love you soooo much Mama, even when you scold me” she makes me feel even more guilty.  I wish that patience could be sold in bottles, I’ll definitely take a double dose everyday!

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  1. Hi, I too try not to spank my boy but sometimes one just have to. And yes, I too feel guilty after smacking 😦 So you’re not alone. Cheers.

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