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Max at Julia Gabriel

Max had his first trial at Julia Gabriel. He went for their Playnest program at Evans Road since classes at Forum were full. Ally had attended a year of Playclub and she loved it. Her teachers were fantastic, always lovely with the children, full of energy and lots of fun. Playnest is a little different, there is a maximum of 14 babies per class to 3 teachers. They do similar activities, singing, story telling, snack, outdoor play…etc but at a much slower place to Playclub.

I expected Max to enjoy the lesson, he loves being with other children and adults. Ally spent most of term 1 stuck in my lap and would cry the minute anyone spoke to her. But once she got over that she would look forward to her class each week.

Toys for free play

As usual the class starts with the kids having some time for free play. Various toys are placed on the mat and the children have the freedom to play with whichever toy they want. Max left to explore almost immediately.

Max hanging out with his teacher

He was very interested in her earings!

Snack time

One thing that I like about the JG classes is the emphasis on independence and social skills. All the kids sit at a long table to eat their snacks together. A little bowl is placed in front of them and the teacher comes around to place a snack in his bowl. The kids are encouraged to say please and thank you. Some may argue that a baby Max’s age is too young for such things but I feel its important to cultivate good manners early on.

Max was more intersted in exploring the classroom than eating his snack

talking to the "other baby" in the mirror

Admiring the view outside

Outdoor play

Max’s favourite activity was definitely music, he loved listening to the teachers sing and was very intrigued by the keyboard.

I enjoyed the class but unfortunately Playnest is twice a week and with the their other activities, we’re pretty stretched throughout the week.

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Something just hit me

I was looking through some photos in my computer and it just hit me, Max is going to be 1 in a couple of months. My baby is no longer such a baby anymore! It’s a bittersweet realisation, I miss those newborn days of just staring at him sleeping, hearing him make those little baby noises and taking in that newborn scent. Now I love watching him conquering new milestones, pulling himself up and cruising around the furniture, engaging Ally in play and showing us his cheeky grin.

A 2 day old Max

My Big Boy!

It’s been such a joyous time with Max, none of us can imagine life without our little Pork Chop.

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