A day of play

As a reward for Ally going diaper-less during nap time, we decided to take the kids out for a day of play. In order to avoid the heat, we headed to Fidgets at Turf City. I used to take Ally there quite often when she was younger, they have a toddler area as well as a big playscape for older kids. It’s one of the few places where Max would have the chance to roam around freely in a baby friendly environment.

Max in the baby area, he's wearing a pair of Ally's old socks...

Look what we caught her doing!

She surprised both Matt and I by climbing the large playscape all her own. We accompanied her whenever she asked but at the same time, Matt kept encouraging her to try it on her own as well. Some of the slides are pretty high up and steep but it didn’t seem to faze her one bit. Matt’s really great at building her self confidence, he knows just how to encourage and motivate her and when to help her out.

Max also showed us that just like his sister, he has a hidden monkey in him. He was able to climb up the soft play structure in the baby area all by himself. Once he reached the top, he held onto the wall and admired himself in the mirror. The other parents were really surprised at how well coordinated he is for his age. I guess we’ve always been so used to seeing Ally climb, run and jump that we have overlooked Max’s milestones.

We left Fidgets when the crowd started to come in and headed to town for an early dinner.

Ally having fun in the wooden play house

Marche at 313 Somerset has a lovely play area for toddlers. The toys are from The Better Toy Store and the little wooden house is just too cute. It’s no wonder that Ally wanted to stay and play instead of eat.

The wooden playhouse

playing with the wooden train set

Exploring the play house

Down the fireman's pole under Daddy's watchful eye

The next series of photos shows how much fun 2 kids can have with one metal pole.

It was a really fun day for the kids, both young and old!

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