Sunday morning with Ally

It’s very rare that I get to spend Sunday morning with Ally. Max and I are usually at Kindermusik but Matt decided to take him for class instead.

We bid the boys goodbye and ended up at The Tanglin Tree which is just opposite the road. They have a tree house and a play area which I thought would be a nice way to pass the time. Turns out, Ally couldn’t care less about the tree house or the play ground. She found the little water play area and there she stayed.

She was a bit hesitant at first, or maybe the water was just cold

She almost couldn't believe that I would let her get her clothes wet

Finally she gets into it when she realises that I packed a change of clothes

She had the whole play area to herself and it was really cute to watch her make up little games and sing. I love spending time alone with Ally, she is the only one who can make me feel a thousand different emotions in a mere few minutes. One minute I’m laughing at her jokes, the next minute I want to shout at her for being so obstinate.

I’m always struck at how fast she’s growing up, sometimes I wish time could stand still so that I can savor these precious moments that we spend together.


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