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The age of technology

Ally has requested for a laptop, yes, my not quite 3 year old is asking for a laptop. I’m quite speechless.

It all started when grandma bought her a preschool software. She loves it and we take turns to work on it with her whenever we can. Matt has taught her how to insert the disc into his laptop and run the program. Yesterday she started to navigate the various activities herself and figured out how to move the cursor and hit the enter key.

I’m all for computer literacy but on the other hand I’m wondering if she’s still a bit too young. I much prefer her to be out playing or making up games with her toys. She can use the iPhone much better than me and would spend the whole day playing with it if we let her. It’s all educational and she does learn quite a bit from it but I don’t want her to become one of those kids who are seated at the dinner table with the iPhones in their hands playing games or watching YouTube.

I’m quite strict about television viewing at home, she is allowed a maximum of half an hour of TV everyday. Most days she goes without watching anything since we’re usually busy doing other things. We were thinking of getting her a kiddy laptop for her 3rd birthday but I’ll have to give it a think. My 2 1/2 year old wants a laptop, I still can’t get my head round it!

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