Shoo flu Shoo

We’re all down with the flu bug, only Matt seems to have escaped. It all started innocently enough, Ally had a slight cold on Wednesday but by evening she seemed fine. Thursday was my turn to feel unwell and just this evening, Max’s eyes started tearing and now his nose is dripping.

I hate it when the kids catch colds, it means they can’t sleep well at night which means I don’t get any sleep as well. Ally is really tough, she takes her medications without any fuss and somehow still seems to have countless energy. Max on the other hand behaves like a typical male, the slightest sneeze and suddenly it seems like the whole world is ending. He is clingy, grouchy and just plain miserable. Feeding him medication is a nightmare and usually results in him gagging or throwing up.

We didn’t do much today, just hung around at home and lazed the time away. Max has discovered his walker and is delighted at his new found mobility.

The wheels are kind of slippery on our wooden floor so someone always has to be there to make sure he doesn’t fall.

Ally spent much of the day singing and doing her usual monkey business.

Life is never boring in our house!

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