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Missed the cut

We took the kids to Ikea today, we love going for a walk around and to snack on the hot dogs. As usual we ended up buying things that we never knew we needed., such is the lure of the Ikea displays.

Ikea is wonderfully child friendly, they have various play stations throughout their store as well as a large play area where parents can drop off their children while they shop in peace. The only catch? Your child needs to be at least 90cm in height and toilet trained. Ally has always shown an interest in the play area but the thought of being alone has always been too daunting.

Today she decided that she was brave enough to venture in by herself. Grandma and Matt stood at the other exit so that she could see them the minute she went in. But as luck would have it, the lady took one look at her and decided to re-measure her. She was about 2cm below the cut off mark so they didn’t allow her in. I thought that she would throw a fit but all she said was ” next time when I’m bigger I’ll come back”  I’m glad she was so grown up about being turned away cos I knew she had her heart set on going in. Anyway, we found something just as fun, take a look!

Flower Children

The pot costs $39, child included, till stocks last

They had so much fun playing with the flower pots that Ally soon forgot about the playground.

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