The river runs through it

It has been a tiring few weeks with Ally. She is still in her stubborn phase and I swear she’s becoming a teenager at age 2. Asking her to get dress ends up in a battle of wills, usually she doesn’t fuss about her clothes but recently nothing is right. Jeans? Don’t want. Shorts? Don’t want. Skirt? Don’t want. She gets a choice of 2 outfits, sometimes she is specific in what she wants to wear which is fine. Other times she just likes to be difficult. It always ends with me threatening her ” If you don’t get dress , you’re not going out.” I wish there was an easier way! * Please bare with the lack of paragraphs, my “enter” key is on strike. We took her out for dinner, just the 3 of us and left Max with grandma. I thought it would be good to spend some quality time with her. Dinner went well and after that we took her to the arcade to play some games. When it was time to leave, she tried to persuade us to stay longer. We still had to go to the supermarket so we told her no. She started to whine and cry which isn’t really like her, usually she’s very good about leaving. Anyway, I took her with me to the supermarket and she was still whining and crying. I had to tell her off which made her whine and cry even more. She cried so hard that she wet herself, and I mean really wet herself. It was flowing like a river, all in the middle of the supermarket! I had to change her, take off her shoes and find someone to help mop up the mess. Did I forget to mention that it was Saturday night so the supermarket was crowded? Being a mother has made me immune to stares so I just picked her up and finished the shopping.  I honestly don’t know what has gotten into her, the two of us are constantly butting heads and there are days where I can just hear myself telling her off repeatedly. I’m going to need the patience of a saint to see out this phase.

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