“Lady, may I have……”

Along with Ally’s recent streak of stubbornness has come a new-found wave of independence. She is showing an interest in ordering her own meals while we’re out and is always ready to help us call for the bill. I’ve been taking this opportunity to teach her the polite way to address service staff and sometimes she really cracks us up.

Me ” Ally, could you please ask the lady for the bill?”

Ally ” Excuse me lady, may I please have the bill?”

The other day we bought her a new Barney plate that she wanted to use immediately at the restaurant. I said to her that we need to get it washed first, so she raises up her hand and says ” Lady, could you please wash my Barney plate?”

Her favourite thing to do is to walk into a food court and order her own meal. Since she can barely reach the counter top, I usually carry her up while she places her order. If she gets stuck halfway I’ll help her out but she gets quite indignant if I do.  A little background info, we hardly if ever, eat at fast food restaurants. But on the rare occasion, Ally likes the french fries from Macdonald’s.  She thinks that Ronald Macdonald IS old Mac Donald so she refers to the french fries as ” Old Mac Donald’s chips”  Anyway, she walks up to the counter and says to the lady serving us ” One small old Mac Donald’s chips please” The dear auntie has no idea what she is saying, thinking that Ally is trying to make small talk with her instead. So she starts asking her questions like how old are you, what’s your name and each time Ally keeps repeating her request. I had to finally intervene since I sensed we would be stuck there for quite a while if I didn’t say anything. Oh well, she did get a free balloon out of it.

Ally is really growing up, it’s hard to imagine that this was the very same girl who would burst into tears the minute a stranger even looked at her.

Old Mac Donald's Chips

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