The little diva

I’m not sure what has gotten into Ally the past two days, she has turned into one little diva. Once I even caught her stomping her feet as she whined about not getting her way! She does throw the odd tantrum now and then but nothing compared to the real stinkers that she did yesterday. I’m sure the recent events that have happened at home have somehow played a part in her behavior change. I’m hoping that this phase will pass soon if not little madam will soon find herself permanently seated at the naughty corner.


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3 responses to “The little diva

  1. aunty gine

    Hi ally…

    Aunty Gina loves you.

  2. aunty gine

    frankly speaking. itz quite a nitemare. haha. I dun wanna imagine juen at her age behaving like dat. I mite tie juen up with ropes.

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