Great bargains and some ways to save money

When I first had Ally nearly 3 years ago, I was overwhelmed by the amount of baby items sold in shops. Some items looked so abstract that I could never figure out what it was meant for. Through trial and error, we came to realise that not every item is a necessity, not every item needs to be bought brand new. When Max came along we were wiser and a lot more prudent. I would like to share with you some of my personal essentials for babies as well as great bargains that we’ve found.

Wash cloth from Ikea

$5.90 for 10, what's not to love?

Babies make a lot of messes, spit ups, drool….etc These wash cloths are thick enough to wipe up all kinds of spills. They wash well and are always handy to keep in your baby bag for emergencies.


This was my extra pair of hands during the first 3 months, if I had to cook a meal, or take a shower, I knew the children would be safe in their bouncer. Since bouncers have such a short usage period, it’s one item that is worth buying 2nd hand.


It is so tempting to buy clothes for babies. Who doesn’t love shopping for little matching romper sets and booties? But the fact is baby will outgrow their clothes faster than you can imagine especially during the first 3 months. Stock up on some basic essentials and accept any hand me downs that well meaning friends and relatives pass on. Ally was a typical first child, she had matching clothes and shoes right from day 1. Max on the other hand can often be found in his sister’s old T-shirts and has yet to own his own pair of shoes.

Buy quality items

If you’re thinking of having more than one child, it might be wise to invest in quality big ticket items that can be passed down to the next child. Cribs, strollers, high chairs and car seats can add up to a lot but replacing them might just cost you even more. Not sure if baby will like the stroller that you had your eye on? Why not find out if you can rent it for a couple of weeks? Many toy rental places also rent out baby equipment and it might be wise to do a “test run” before splurging on an expensive stroller that baby dislikes being in. Here’s another tip, head straight to the dealer

Stock up on essentials

Keep an eye out for discounts, most big supermarkets usually have monthly discounts for baby essentials like diapers and formula. I remember laughing at couples who use to have trolleys full of diapers, little did I know that I too would soon cross over to the dark side. When stocking up on diapers, be sure to take into account growth spurts. When in doubt, always buy a size bigger so you’re not stuck with bags of diapers that baby can’t fit his bum into.  If you’re stocking up on formula, please take note of expiration dates.

Two for the price of one!

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