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Baby led Weaning

As most of you will know, I have had little success with enticing Pork Chop to take much solid food. He still eats not more than a few tea spoons of anything offered and out of curiosity, I decided to try a different approach.

Not much has been said about baby led weaning , it basically means skipping the runny purees and offering age appropriate food for the child to self feed. With Ally it was a little different, I let her self feed from a very early age but due to her cleft palate, I was always a bit more cautious. Weaning was simple and straight forward, besides one unfortunate incident with a teething biscuit stuck up her cleft. Even with her cleft palate, she managed to figure out a way to eat solids. Now at 32 months, she can feed herself well and is in the process of learning to use chopsticks.

Anyway, I chose to let Max self feed every morning. I don’t have the time, patience or energy to clean up after him 3 times a day. Armed with a bowl of baby cereal, I covered the floor with a mess mat and hoped for the best. He had a ball of a time putting his hands in the bowl, flinging the spoon everywhere, getting cereal in his nose, hair, ears…etc. But I did notice him eating quite a fair bit and after that, he even ate some of the steamed broccoli. It was a positive and extremely messy start.

Granted, baby led weaning is not for everyone. Most of the older generation, including my own mom would frown upon it. I’m going to give it a try and see where it takes us, hopefully this is the solution that I’ve been looking for.

The mess after the cereal

Practising his pincer grasp

One very messy Pork Chop

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Elmo and A Penguin Party

Ally has an extremely vivid imagination. She has been doing a lot of role playing lately and this was what I found in the living room the other day.

Elmo sleeping on his bed at home

She made a “house” for Elmo out of the sofa cushions, I didn’t take a picture of it ‘cos I was too busy trying to prevent Max from destroying her house.¬† Once she was done with Elmo, she decided to use the yellow blanket as a picnic mat and have a party for her stuffed penguins.

It started off with 2

Everyone knows penguins love cakes

A 3rd penguin decided to gate crash the party

Finally a 4th one joined in

The party ended when Max crawled in and started chewing on the penguins.

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