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Shake shake shake!

Anyone who knows me can attest that I’m not the most creative person.  Ally used to do really interesting crafts at her Julia Gabriel classes but with Max in the picture now, finding the time to do arts and crafts with her is difficult. Today we decided to do a very simple but fun project while Max took his nap. We made music shakers!

Materials needed, plastic bottles, beads or beans

Keeping in mind that Ally is only 2 1/2 and her attention span is all of 5 minutes, I had to make sure I had all the materials laid out and waiting.

All you have to do is pour the beads or beans into the bottle, screw on the cap and that’s it. I opted to use beads since they’re visually more pleasing, we bought two different size beads so that each shaker made a slightly different sound.

Beads in a bowl

I poured the tiny beads into a bowl and handed her a spoon to help her transfer them into the bottle. This is a really good activity for her motor skills and she managed it quite well, spilling only a few in the process.

Ally's finished product, she made one for Max

She decided to stick stickers onto the bottles when she had finished and decided to make a mini version for Max as well. They had lots of fun with the shakers and making as much noise as they possibly could.

Look at poor Neesha trying to get some peace and quiet

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