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Smile and the whole world smiles with you

I may be bias but how can you resist such a cute smile?

Just a teaser

The ultimate Max grin, my personal favourite

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New places to play

We are always on the lookout for new places to bring the children, recently North point shopping centre has opened a new rooftop play ground. There is a water area and a dry playground for children under 1.10m in height. The area is really small and was packed when we went this afternoon. Ally didn’t stay long in the water area as the sky was overcast and she was starting to feel cold. It’s definitely a good cheap way to let her run off some of her energy but not a place to go during the school holidays or weekends. Despite numerous signs stating that the area is solely for children, there were a couple of teenagers running around. Another note to the management of North Point, if you’re going to have a water playground and a dry playground, make sure that children who are soaking wet do not cross over into the dry area. I wasn’t very impressed with the lack of crowd control, they had a security guard sitting in the corner looking bored to death. There were soaking wet children in the dry playground and after changing Ally into her dry clothes, she came out from the area with wet shorts.  If I knew everyone was going to be so inconsiderate, I would have just left her in her wet gear and let her use the dry playground.  The roof top look filthy, no doubt from the numerous children running barefooted between the two areas.

Will we be back again? Maybe, Sembawang Shopping centre which is just down the road from us has a similar set up with way less children. Only bad thing about it is the water area has set operational times unlike North Point which runs the whole day.

The water play area

Can you spot Ally?

The dry play area that wasn't very dry

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