Ally says…..

This cheeky girl can really drive me up the wall sometimes. Yet, some of the things that she says are so random and funny that you can’t help laughing.  And at times she speaks in such a grown up manner that you wonder what really goes on in that little head of hers.

I was speaking to her today about the scolding that she had received earlier on. Usually we talk about why she got repremanded and what behavior led to the scolding. So I started off the conversation ” Ally, why did Mama scold you?” Her reply? ” What else, didn’t listen” I really wanted to laugh but I had to keep a straight face and explain to her what she had done wrong.

Later in the afternoon, a friend of mine was asking why Max was crying. Ally walks over and says ” this Pork, sometimes he is just like that” She never fails to surprise and amuse me!

Cheeky girl!


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