Feeding the Pork Chop

Despite Max’s size, he is really difficult to feed! Food is not his top priority and he’s never fussed if his meal times are delayed.  Getting him to eat more than a tablespoon of solids is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve tried everything, cereals, porridge, purees, baby jar food…etc

Finally I decided to bite the bullet and let him try to feed himself. He had much more fun mashing the food into his hair than actually eating it.

First finger foods

I wonder how much mess I can make out of this?

Oops, she caught me throwing the vegetables!

So, that experiment obviously didn’t work! Then I realised that each time Ally sat down for her lunch, he would crawl over and try to get into her lap. I asked Ally to try to feed Max and you know what? He ate double the amount that he usually does! Of course her attention span lasts all of 5 minutes so I usually have to take over.

I said, Eat!

It’s pretty funny watching the 2 of them. Ally kind of shoves the spoon into Max’s mouth, it doesn’t matter if he’s willing to eat or not, she doesn’t take No for an answer. Maybe I need her to teach me a thing or two.

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