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Maiden trip to Marina Barrage

I decided to take the kids to Marina Barrage to check out the water play area. Figured in this sweltering heat it would be nice to let them play in the water.

It’s a bit tricky to get to without your own transport though I know there is a shuttle bus that runs from Marina square.  But with 2 kids on my own plus the stroller, we decided to cab it. We reached there around 3pm and it was actually really breezy. There weren’t many people around and Ally actually had the whole water play area to herself. She really enjoyed herself as you can see.

A great respite from the heat


It is definitely a great place to bring the kids, the water level in the play area is only ankle high so it’s perfect for Max as well. But do take note that the breeze can be quite strong so the younger ones might get chilly. The best part about the barrage is that everything is FREE!

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