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OCBC Tricycle Ride 2010

Today Ally took part in the OCBC tricycle ride . It was a really hot afternoon but she had lots of fun and did really well. It was nice to see so many kids entering the various events, the tricycle ride was extremely popular. The tricycle ride wasn’t a race but you would have thought that were huge prizes up for grabs the way some of the parents were pushing their kids. Ally finished it in good time and we were so proud of her for completing the whole event on her own.

All the kids received medals and the organisers did a good job ensuring that everyone was kept well hydrated. Hopefully both Max and Ally will be able to participate next year!

Getting a hand from Grandma

Waiting "patiently" for the event to start




Pass the finish line!

Well done Ally! We're so proud of you!

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