Some things never change

I remember going to Chinatown with my mom as a young girl, there was a small open space between 2 buildings and an old uncle used to have a few battery operated cars /motorcycles for rent. For $2 , you could ride around the little area for 10 minutes. It was a huge treat for my brother and I and we would always plead with my mom to let us have a ride.

Fast forward twenty plus years and though the old uncle isn’t there anymore, the battery operated ride-ons still are. These days the cars and bikes are looking a lot more realistic and some even come with remote controls so that parents can help their kids steer.

We found a little race track at the basement 2 car park of T3. They had various cars, even mini F1 cars and 2 Harley Davidson bikes.

Ally started off in a little pink beetle. And quickly decided that the Harley was way more fun.

Max waited patiently for her as always.

Besides the nicer looking cars and motorbikes, it now cost $4 for 10 minutes, talk about inflation!


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