Took the kids to Polliwogs today and surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded. Sad to say the play area is looking a bit worn and tired. The air conditioner wasn’t working very well and the entire area was really stuffy. I noticed several kids and adults were able to enter without wearing socks even though it states clearly that socks have to be worn at all times.

Some child managed to bring a stack of news papers into the toddler area and proceeded to make a huge mess. No one noticed/ bothered to clean up after him so it was just left there. I wasn’t impressed since its the area where the babies and toddlers play and you know they tend to put everything into their mouths.

The newspaper mess

I remember they use to have a few members of staff in the play area to keep an eye on the children. This would definitely ensure that every child and adult abides by the rules. The balls in the ball pit were looking rather dirty and one wonders if they are actually cleaned on a daily basis.  We’ve always liked Polliwogs cos its a great place for the kids, the play area is small enough for us to keep an eye on Ally and yet is fun enough to keep her entertained. But after today’s visit I was less than impressed with their level of cleanliness, looks like we won’t be back again anytime soon.


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