Trip to the doctor and other thoughts

For most children, a trip to the doctor is often unpleasant. It’s either for an injection or medication cos they are unwell. Luckily for us, Ally loves going to the doctor. She has follow ups every few months so it’s so much less stressful for us when she finds it a pleasant experience.

One thing we never do is scare her by saying ” the doctor is going to give you an injection” usually we say ” the doctor just wants to see how well you’re growing” Depending on the situation, we would role play possible scenarios regarding what the doctor might do at her check up.

Daddy and Ally role playing

ENT ( Ear, Nose and Throat) checkups are the most difficult, she has to sit very still to allow the doctor to clean her ears. Sounds easy? Not quite. The child usually has to sit on their parent’s lap in this huge chair , kind of like a dentist’s chair. Then the doctor shines a bright light at the ear and takes out his tray of metal instruments. It is extremely scary for a child. Usually I take her to all her appointments, but she had an ENT appointment a few days after Max was born and we decided it would be in his best interest not to follow Ally to the hospital. That visit was a disaster, Matt and Grandma took her and they ended up waiting so long that it ate into her nap time. By the time it was her turn, she was tired, hungry and grouchy. Needless to say she wasn’t very cooperative and it all ended in tears.

Anyway, I digress. We took her to her pediatrician today to get some medication for her cold and fever. The clinic was relatively empty and there was just one person before us. While waiting for our turn, two twin boys about 10 years old, decided to play catch in the clinic. They were running up and down, making a nuisance of themselves while their parents were in the consultation room with their younger sister. I turned around to give them a LOOK but they didn’t really care. Usually I try not to lecture other people’s children, if the parents were there I would have just asked them to keep the boys quiet. Anyway, when the parents came out, the boys were still behaving badly and the parents didn’t even bat an eyelid. After the nurse told them that the clinic wasn’t a playground, their dad laughed and said ” boys will be boys” I was fuming mad, what sort of excuse is that?! There is no reason why you should allow your children to behave in that manner, regardless of gender.

It scares me to think that my children will be mixing with other children that think they can get away with certain things, just because their parents have justified their behaviour by using their gender as an excuse. If one of those boys, as a teenager, decides to molest a girl, is that father going to defend his son by saying ” oh, boys will be boys?” God forbid if his own daughter gets taken advantage of, what is he going to say?  ” she dressed inappropriately so she asked for it?”

I know that when Ally and Max enter their teenage years, I won’t be able to know everything that they’re doing 24/7. But I do hope that we have taught them the right values and that their own common sense would guide them to do what’s right.


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