Review of the Phil & Teds Vibe

Okay I admit, I have a stroller addiction.  I love looking at strollers as much as Matt enjoys looking at cars. When Phil and Teds first came out with the Vibe, I thought to myself ” what a great looking stroller, pity I don’t fancy 3 wheelers”  Fast forward to a couple of months later and here I am with my new Vibe. It wasn’t a hasty decision, I had spent the last month or so doing my research and reading as many reviews as I could. The frustrating thing was, all the reviews related to how the Vibe was used overseas. I could not find a single review from a local user.  So I’ve decided to do my bit and give my honest review of the Vibe.


It’s definitely eye-catching and people stop and stare where ever you go. Some may not consider this a plus point but aesthetics are important to me.

The Vibe is so easy to push and maneuver. Despite its mammoth size, it is easy to steer even with one hand.

I love how versatile the seating arrangements are, in toddler/toddler mode, one child sits in front, the other at the back. If one child wants to take a nap, just snap the double kit onto the front of the stroller and the other can lie down flat. On my date with Max, I moved the doubles kit to the front so that he had a higher view and he absolutely loved it.

Both kids seem to love being in it and Ally often comments that its really comfortable. She chooses to sit behind and even though I don’t think she gets much of a view, she enjoys the snug space.

The Vibe has ultra sensitive brakes which are set in the middle of the handle bar. Its both a blessing and a pain. If you accidentally hit the red button, you pray that you remembered to strap the children in securely. So far I haven’t had the problem of deploying the brakes unintentionally.

The adjustable canopy is a great idea, if you have a taller toddler you’re truly appreciate the fact that he/she won’t be banging their heads on it.


It weighs a ton! Well, 10kg to be exact but it feels a lot heavier.

Closing it takes practice, it needs to be folded correctly if not the side clips won’t shut. When we were at the shop, the lady showed us how to fold it but she placed the stroller on the floor. This meant that we would be exposing the seat to dirty floors each time we had to close the Vibe. Anyway, Matt soon found a much better way of doing it. Won’t go into details here but drop me an email if you want to know how.

The doubles kit is able to take up to 20kg if placed in front and 15 kg if placed at the back. But the seat itself is pretty small and even though Ally isn’t tall, her head sticks out a little.

Matt was complaining that he didn’t like the nylon straps, they feel cheap and for the price that the Vibe is going for, P & T really could have chosen a better material.

The Vibe and Public Transport

I’ve taken the Vibe on the MRT with little problems. My little tip? Go to the compartment just outside the lifts, they are the wheelchair accessible ones and have more room. I used it both during peak periods and off peak. Getting out of the train was slightly more difficult if everyone is crowding at the exit door but one look at the Vibe’s massive wheels and everyone magically scatters from the exit.

Getting into a taxi with a toddler, a baby and shopping bags is a little tricky. I usually place the children in the taxi, Ally is very good at keeping an eye out for Max while I close the pram. Its times like this that I miss my Maclaren which I can easily fold with one hand. Loading it into the taxi can be a pain cos of its sheer weight but most drivers are happy to assist.

The Vibe and Shopping Centers

I’ve used the Vibe along Orchard Road and have encountered few problems. Bearing in mind that we often go out during the weekdays, I think one would struggle a little more during the weekends when the crowds are huge. It is possible to use the Vibe on the escalators, even with the doubles kit attached. I won’t advise it simply because its a lot of weight to hold onto. This is where it can get pretty annoying cos everywhere you go, you have to wait for the lifts. With one child, going up and down escalators are pretty easy but again, because its a 3 wheeler, I wouldn’t try taking it up the escalator. It is able to fit through most aisles in the shopping centres and supermarkets.

Do I think the Vibe is worth buying? It really depends. It suits our lifestyle, we wanted a stroller that we could use for outings to the zoo, parks and numerous outdoor places. For that, the Vibe is perfect. We do our shopping when its quiet and most of the time, we get around in our car so once again, squeezing on public transport isn’t an issue. With our two young children, it made sense to get an inline stroller like the Vibe rather than a twin side by side. If your toddler prefers walking, a Vibe might not be the stroller for you. Another option would be the buggy board which attaches to most umbrella strollers.  I personally love my Vibe, we own other P &T products as well and have always been satisfied with their quality and after sales care.



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  2. Heather Darling

    Help! Tell me the easiest way to fold this beast!

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