A date with the Pork Chop

Whenever I can, I like to spend time with each child individually. It gives me a chance to really get to know my children and to listen to their thoughts and feelings without being interrupted by their sibling.

Pork and I had some lovely one on one time together today. We took the train to town, had a leisurely lunch, walked around the bookstore where he fell asleep.

I made my way down to the  supermarket to pick up some groceries and he started to wake up. Confused by the bright lights and noise, Max started crying. I found a bench and was soon joined by an elderly couple. The lady started commenting loudly about why Max was crying. ” Oh, you shouldn’t put him in the pram to sleep, he’s too hot, that’s why he is crying.” Since she wasn’t speaking directly to me, I just ignored her. But she went on and on ” its so hot to sleep in the pram, shouldn’t put him inside to sleep.”  And how would she know? The last time she was in a pram would have been a good 70 years ago, if they even had prams then. By this time I was getting annoyed cos here I am trying to calm him down, there she is sprouting her stupid theory about why he’s crying. It was sheer self control that stopped me from snapping back at her.

Why can’t people understand that its a fact, babies cry. Sometimes for reasons even Einstein can’t figure out. Anyway, I shall try to forget about Ignorant Aunty’s comments so here are a couple of pictures from my date with Pork.

Having lunch at Tonkichi

In his new P & T stroller


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