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He ain’t heavy, he’s my Pork Chop

Ally is a very loving big sister, most of the time. She’s willing to help out with Max when she can and he adores her even though she’s quite rough with him. I had asked her to keep an eye on him for a minute while I ran to the toilet. When I came out I saw her holding him up which I thought was really sweet.

When I asked her if he was too heavy to hold up she said ” no, he’s my brother, I can hold” Such sweet innocent words that just warms my heart.

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A while back I had bought a set of magnetic alphabets for Ally. She was more interested in creating a picture out of them than actually learning the letters. It didn’t bother me and we never actually sit her down to “teach” her anyway. Most of her learning is done through play or daily activities. Anyway, I digress.

While I was cooking lunch, she said to me ” look Mama, Ally can spell her name” I glanced over at the fridge and dismissed it thinking that Matt was the one of had left her name up there. I scrambled up the letters and said ” can you show Mama ?” Slowly but surely she said ” A, L, Y, S, S, A” as she proceeded to place one letter after the other. The only mistake she made was placing the “L” upside down but I was really surprised.  Credit has to go to Matt who has patiently showed her the different alphabets each time she asks .She then says to me ” I can spell Baby Max’s name as well” and put together “M,A,X” with no difficulty.  Well done Ally!

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