A big week ahead

Today marks the start of a big week ahead for me, Matt is going home for the Chinese New Year holidays which means I’ll be alone with Ally and Max.  He hasn’t left yet and Ally is trying my patience already, lets hope we all survive the next 7 days.

Like any toddler, she has a good days where she’s sweet, lovable and obedient. On a bad day, nothing gets achieved without tears (her) or  screams ( me or her) . I’m always in awe of moms who never seem to raise their voice at their children. Honestly, I know I’m too impatient with her at times and I find myself having to walk away to calm myself down ever so often.

Lets not forget dear Max. At 7 months old his nap times are still fairly erratic. Other than that, I really shouldn’t complain since he’s always ready with a smile and a cuddle. Despite not having any real vocabulary yet, I swear the two of them have their own way of communicating. Its called ” lets gang up on mommy” and starts with the first child acting up, followed seconds later by the second. This act is so finely tuned that one can only imagine that it had to be orchestrated just moments ago.

I shall leave you with a picture that always reminds me , in a toddler’s world, anything goes!


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