A word from Pork

Being the baby of the family has it perks, people automatically assume that I’m helpless and one little cry from me would usually send an adult in my direction. Sometimes I do it just to amuse myself, I like to see how quickly they get to me from the time I let out the first ” waaa!” These silly adults never learn, it usually takes them around ten minutes to figure out my little game.

One thing about being the youngest, you’re often subjected to ridicule. I don’t know how many times my mom has either tied up my hair , or dressed me in some ridiculous outfit( please refer to evidence 1). This is often followed by laughter and shouts of ” wait! Don’t move, I’ll go get my camera!” I haven’t even figured out how to stand up on my own yet, where does she think I’m going to run off to?

Evidence 1

My mother definitely has a weird sense of humor, she enjoys taking pictures of us with our shirts stuck on our heads. (please refer to evidence 2) Don’t be fooled by my seemingly happy smile in the picture. She was jumping up and down trying to attract my attention and quite frankly, looking like a complete fool.

Evidence 2

Evidence 2

My sister says when our parents are old, we shall get them to sing and dance to entertain us just like what they are doing to us right now. At least that is something to look forward to…..


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